The Author/Artist

I created a webcomic/graphic novel back in 2005-2006 called Alexander the Prince, and a shorter webcomic called Magnus Black: Born in the Grave in 2007.  Based on those stories and a failed attempt at a computer game, I published a PnP roleplaying game called The Imperium Chronicles in 2008, and several modules and supplements since then.  My most recent game, Fleets at War!, is a tactical miniatures game of starship combat.


 The Crimson Kiss

After working on my game for several years, I got an itch to do another webcomic/graphic novel, so I wrote a script and sought out an artist to do the illustrations.  However, after the Kickstarter campaign designed to pay the artist failed, I decided to do the comic myself.

The story follows the crew of the starship Wanderer: Ramus the captain, Fugg the engineer, and Gen the robot.  They are hired to investigate attacks on freighters and vanishing crews, but what the team discovers hearkens back to Ramus’ own past and the memories of his race.